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CNC Milling


1. HongEn’s milling machines and technology

HongEn specializes in custom-made milling parts. The factory is equipped with 2 five-axis CNC machines and 21 CNC machiningcenters, 2 CNC turn-milling machines and 

3 ordinary milling machines.                              

HongEn can do the milling parts with the dimensions within 800 x 650 x 450 mm. The minimum tolerance is ±0.005m, and the surface roughness can be excellent, till Ra 0.8.

HongEn can process the most of the planar parts and some cambered parts. For the cambered parts, HongEn can complete five-axis milling processing. For Grooves, splines, gears, as well as the special shape of the mold, with our machines, we can also mill well.

In the past years experience, HongEn has processed many types of milling parts, including housings, frames, plates, end covers, spindle bars,etc. Sibai is also looking forward to processing the featured parts for customers. All of them can be customized excellently  according to customers’ designs.


2. The advantages of HongEn’s CNC milling

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- HongEn‘s milling processing has strong adaptability and flexibility.

- HongEn can process the parts with complex contours and control difficult dimensions.

- HongEn‘s milling service has high processing efficiency and short production cycle. Its CNC machines have a database, including machining procedures, clamping, and tooling data, etc.

- HongEn can complete the processing of multiple steps in one clamping position.

- HongEn’s machines have high automation, high material utilization and low cost.

- HongEn’s machines has high processing precision, and control stable and reliable quality.

3. HongEn’s Service

- Each drawing is reviewed and programmed carefully by our engineers. The 2D drawing with the format of PDF or DWG, DXF, 3D format STP and IGS are workable for us.

HongEn manages the drawings and production with ERP system, which performs fast efficiency and avoids mistakes.

- Each material is elaborately picked from suppliers. HongEn uses material analyzer to test the material.

- Each size is repeatedly counted. HongEn controls the size within the tolerance provided on drawings. HongEn can provides sample quality inspection report according to our customers' demands.

- Each order is delivered in the appointed time. HongEn accepts the way of shipping

as customers' requrests.

- HongEn's machining services are based on quality. Its goal is to provide clients with ease mind and satisfaction. We adhere to the concept of actively communicating with customers, effectively solving problems, produce excellent quality and ensure the timely delivery.


- Our clients can frankly come out with any worries orquestions at any time, out team will do out best to eliminate doubts and solve problems. HongEn's purpose and philosophy are long-term all-win and become stronger with our clients all the way.