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In our ware house, we pack the parts in different packing ways.  We have to consider the best way to pack the parts. Learning from the past failure experiences, we have to protect the parts carefully against conflicts among parts, against air shipping collision, and against humid and oil.

Generally for the precise Aluminium and stainless parts, we pack the parts with wrapping paper, or plastic bubble bag. Then we put them into cartons layer by layer.  

For some very delicate parts, we customize the plastic tray for them. Then we put the parts into the plastic tray layer by layer.

We also have to consider to save packing material, in order to avoid too much packing trash after customer open and use the parts. So we have to find the best way to consider both protection and saving materials.

Generally we control the weight of each carton less than 15 KG. Otherwise, the carton will be too heavy to be damaged.

If customer requires special packing ways, for example, if customer gives us the sizes of the cartons, and requires the label information, we can do according to customer’s packing and labeling ways.

For oceanshipment, we use the plywood pallets to pack the cartons. The plywood is free from fumigation. The sizes can be 900 x 800 mm, 1200 x 800 mm, 1200 x 1000 mm, which comply with European standard. Each Pallets we tie up tightly for transportation.