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Work scene

We have 4 workshop in our factory:

Work Scene

Part 1

The 1st is our mass production workshop. It is the largest. We have at this moment 48 machines inside. They are mainly CNC machiningcenters, CNC lathings, as well as CNC milling-lathing complex machines. The CNC machiningcenters are mainly 4 axis and 3 axis.

Part 2

The 2nd workshop is for sampling and prototyping. There are about 16 machines inside. Not only CNC machining center and CNC lathing, but we have also wire cutting machine, grinding machine, thread cutting machine etc. The biggest machine is the Jirfine 11 CNC machiningcenter. It can produce very large workpieces.

Part 3

The 3rd workshop is for material sawing and mirror polishing. We have 8 sawing machines. They can cut the material of stainless steel, steel and Aluminium. The material we cut by the sawing machines are almost large size raw bars, generally from 40-120 mm.

We have also mirror polishing in our own house. By this processing, we can provide the stainless parts mirror polished surface, or aluminium very fine and shining surface.

Part 4

The 4rd workshop is our sheet material workhouse. There are 12 stamping machines, from 12 T till 80 T. We also do sheetmetal welding, bending, assembly in this workshop.

With our so much working space and working processing ways, we can provide customers most of their needs.