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CNC Turning

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   1. HongEn's Lathe machines and technology

   HongEn is professional on customizing precision turning parts. Its factory is equipped with advantaged machines,

   including 15 CNC lathes, 2 CNC turn-milling machine. The machining range is within φ300*500 mm. The precision 

   can reach up to ±0.005 mm, and the good surface roughness also can be presented.   

          HongEn’s CNC machines can process various kinds of turning parts within its range, such as circular shafts, discs

          and cones, and other rotary parts; additionally their surface inside or outside, thread, grooving and drilling are totally             available.  Our capability depends our rich experinces and our clients' trusts. 


HongEn has customized various turning parts for European customers. It mainly involves the locking parts, valve parts, LED lighting parts, and other non-standard fasteners. But it is not limited to these types.For the large batch and high precision parts, HongEn can supply customers with great confidence.

2. The advantages of HongEn’s CNC turning


- HongEn CNC turning has shorter processing time. Its CNC lathe tools have high speed and big cutting force, so they are quite efficient.

- The processing precision is higher, and it can meet the requirements of most precision parts.

- Its stability is great. The parts are highly interchangeable in the same batch.

- HongEn has a large program database. It’s convenient for customers’ reorders.

3. HongEn’s service

HongEn has over 10 years of experience in machining services, and its main markets are in Europe and America, especially Germany and Switzerland. Both the quality and service, HongEn is always striving to be the best and to satisfy customers.

- In terms of quality, HongEn has certified ISO9001:2015. HongEn can promise the quality and has great confidence its quality.

- In management, HongEn uses ERP system for operation. All the processes are under its control to ensure the items working well.

- Technically, HongEn has an experienced technical team. HongEn is glad to solve any difficulties in customers’ projects.

- On the service, HongEn has a professional customer service team. HongEn receive customers’ demands and try its best to meet these demands.

As long as you have the need for turning parts, HongEn will provide you with satisfactory services.

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