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Our advantage

Over 20 years’ Experience
Our people have Over 20 years’ Experience in Metal Processings. Multiple Processing Methods we can supply: CNC machining, Stamping, Die casting, Lost Wax Casting, Lasercutting, wire EDM, etc. We have rich experience of the above processing Methods. So almost all kinds of metal parts we can give the solution and supply. So we can offer customer ONE-STOP service on metal processings. We’d like to do the Complex Technical and High Quality Standard Parts.

Strict QC Managements
We have Material Analyzer to ensure right material. We have Projectors to ensure measurements. Everyday we do the routine inspection records, an hour a time, to ensure all the measurements are produced in tolerance.

Quality Consistency
Because of strict QC Management, we supply customer the consistent qualified products. The different batches of delivered parts we make the same quality standard. So there are seldom mistake or failure on the mature projects.

Wide Range of Quantities
We accept both Rapid Prototype , and Mass Production orders. So no matter 1 or a few pieces, or hundreds till decades of thousands, we can do.

ERP System
We work with the ERP managing system in the whole company. The ERP system not only brings our factory high efficiency on production, but also plays important role in cost control.

Fast Delivery
We have about 60 CNC machines, 100 people in 2 shafts, to ensure large capacities all year long. Generally we deliver a series production order from 1 week to 6 weeks.