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Sheet Metal Process

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1. HongEn’s Sheet Metal Processing

HongEn’s sheet metal technology has a strong competitiveness. The equipments are advanced and complete. HongEn has also a group of outstanding professionals. 

With the advanced design software, HongEn can design various shapes of sheet metal parts quickly and accurately. Both the single punching die and progressive die 

we can make, and conform to the relevant standards. HongEn has a well-established production system and quality control system. So the delivery and quality can be promised well.

The process includes blanking process, shearing, punching / cutting / compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as automobile body) etc.

HongEn’s sheet metal parts(brackets, housings, enclouses and cabinets etc.)'re generally used for Printing equipments, money detector equipments, or electronic communication equipments, etc. 

HongEn follows the requirements for material selection below, and the materials must be tested for sheet metal property:

-Its thickness should be precise and uniform.

-Its surface should be smooth in good condition.

-It has uniform yield strength and elongation, and is not easy to deform.

sheet metal-2.jpg    2. The advantages of HongEn Sheet Metal parts

    - Stable quality and good interchangeability.

    - Better accuracy in size and shape .

    - Good surface quality.

    - With high material use ratio, it saves energy and protects the environment.

    - High degree of automation contributes to high productivity.

    -Good quality&efficiency also depends on systematic management.

-Any good products cann't be done without people's earnest carefullness and the technoloy is the premise. We always believe that clients and suppliers are inseparable, they should trust in each other and develop together. 

3. HongEn’s service

HongEn has customized non-standard sheet metal parts for customers over 15 years. HongEn produces  the sheet metal parts according to customer's drawings or samples. HongEn will try its best to solve the customers’ problems. Each inquiry can get a timely response from HongEn, and every order will be delivered satisfactorily.

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